Zombies, Run! part two (Season six spoilers so beware)

Right after I finished writing that last piece on Zombies, Run I went for a walk. As I did, I reflexively checked the app to see if there were any new episodes. And there were. Two new episodes. The hiatus was over. I was pretty happy about that. Since then, all remaining missions for season six have been made available and I’ve listened to each mission in the entire season at least twice. (I’m still walking a lot, actually even more than I was before.)

And the new missions in the season passed uneventfully for me. I got over being so angry about how the Moonchild storyline had evolved. (I *was* pretty angry last time, right? Angry because something I loved so much had so profoundly upset me. Still loving it, but so mad with it too.) Because of that I stopped looking for every inconsistency. There was one episode on a boat, which did stir up some doubt again, but after that Moonchild and I quickly settled into a relationship where we each understood our part. She could have taken me over, apparently, but she didn’t. She didn’t want to. Being part of me had changed her and for the better. That was the theory and it’s a nice theory. I wonder what she will do now. She’s still a physical part of my brain. Maybe she’ll become my conscience, the voice of reason. Not that she was the devil on my shoulder before. She always helped me. I sound a bit like the Minister saying that.

What I find more interesting now is a parallel storyline that developed in the last mission of the season. Veronica, the young scientist I mentioned in the previous piece, merged with Annie, an A.I. It does feel as if Moonchild becoming part of me was a deliberate precursor to Veronica becoming part of Annie. I do continue to feel that the Zombies, Run story is very well written, and for the most part, very well planned. When I last wrote I did feel that the writers changed the rules halfway through with regards to me and Moonchild. I have less emotion about that now but I still think it’s true. But I can see they did have their eyes on the long game because they were preparing us for Veronica/Annie.

For season seven, I hope as Runner Five I will have the opportunity again to find something that belongs to me. I also hope the writers will keep in mind that I am a character, just like Sam and Janine and all the others and how I feel about things needs to be imagined and built into the story. I know as Runner Five I am not just one person, I am many, I am everyone out there playing the game and that complicates things. But at times there is going to need to be a position on how I feel about things (and that’s definitely affected by the writing, characters like Moonchild and also Amelia, who are ostensibly the Bad Guys have their personalities become fuzzy over a period of time. And I mean that as a complement rather than as a criticism. Reluctantly or otherwise they show their good sides and then they become complicated because even though they’re not all good, they’re not all bad. It’s one of the strengths of the writing) and that position needs to have its own internal logic and consistency.

Naomi Alderman tweeted yesterday that she has started the writing for season seven. Yet again, I can’t wait.

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