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last words come up all you’ve got to waste

Ok, I’ll admit something now that I didn’t when I wrote about Pavement last weekend. I cried through a lot of the middle part of their reunion gig. It’s not that unusual for me, my favourite songs often make me cry. At the time I thought it was the time travel aspect of the show, […]

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you can never quarantine the past

I experienced time travel on Thursday night. I went to see the Pavement reunion show at the Enmore Theatre and they took me right back to the 1990s. I saw them a few times in the mid-to-late 90s and was at their last-ever (to that point) concert in London in 1999. On Thursday night suddenly […]

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Belle and Sebastian

As I was making pancakes in my Sydney kitchen last night I suddenly found myself catapulted back into my London kitchen. Not my most recent London kitchen but one from more than four years ago. The time travel came courtesy of Belle and Sebastian’s album Tigermilk. I went through a period where I played it […]

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