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the white colour circle

I went to the Olafur Eliason exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art a few weeks ago. There was a lot there to wonder at, but the piece that fascinated me most of all was The white colour circle. I spent a long time looking at it, went away and then came back again to […]

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i’m living history. and time is getting faster.

Dear Cettefemme, So many things… where to start. My friend J came to stay a couple of weekends ago. I was telling her about an article I’d read in the 2nd–15th February edition of The Big Issue, where the author had been taking photos of decaying shop signs in his neighbourhood, prior to the buildings […]

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October the First Is Too Late

October the First Is Too Late written by Fred Hoyle, published in 1966. I read this book and wrote this review about a month or so ago, immediately after finishing Paul Davies’ About Time. I wasn’t sure about sharing something that is purely a book review in this space (as opposed to a piece of […]

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