I’ve lately discovered that the weeks go by just as fast when you’re out of a daily routine as when you’re in one. Another set of Monday–Friday is already gone. There are multiple ways I can separate out the days of this week to differentiate them from those of last week and those of next week: which friends I’ve seen or talked to, which films I’ve seen, which song has been my favourite. But most dramatically, this week I’ve had epiphanies about time as (mostly) provided to me by my current book About Time: Einstein’s Unfinished Revolution by Paul Davies.

Monday: The division of time into past, present and future is physically meaningless. Motion is relative and so is simultaneity. Just by moving about we can put ourselves into the past or future of events happening on planets in far-away galaxies. Any inhabitants of those planets can do the same to us.
Tuesday: 20-year anniversary since I left high school
Wednesday: A few microseconds at the event horizon of a black hole is infinity in Earth time. This is because of the gravitational timewarp.
Thursday: Physics does not rule out the possibility of two (or more) scales of time in the Universe. Though nothing has been proved.
Friday: Quantum physics allows observed photons to change their behaviour, even if that behaviour happened in the past. (I had to read this chapter twice.)

His argument is still building. I’ll let you know what happens.

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